Generations have grown up with the world’s wildlife living right in the backyard of their Tacoma homes. From land to sea, animals covering the globe reside in the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. Hundreds of acres house creatures great and small, cute and cuddly, scaly and fierce.

Explore the zoo and meet the animals zone by zone. Many a unique species makes their Tacoma home in the Asian Forest Sanctuary. Sumatran tigers and clouded leopards saunter about their respective habitats. Visitors automatically compare and contrast the resident felines to their own kitty cats. Asian elephants are beloved and always draw a crowd.

At the Rocky Shores antics of silly seals, sea otters, and sea lions create giggles and laughter. Polar bears look cute and cuddly in the Arctic Tundra, making it hard to believe they are truly ferocious beasts. Education is key and in the Red Wolf conservation Center guests learn all about how to help these amazing animals in the wild.

Take Your Time Exploring with a Membership to the Tacoma Property

Over in the aquarium the magic of the ocean is all around. Journey from the chilled waters of the Northwest to the warmer climes of Baja, California in Pacific Seas. Larger than life creatures of the deep include hammerhead sharks, the giant Pacific octopus and green sea turtles. There’s something special about the little creatures too including jellies, seahorses, sea urchins and sea stars. Keeper talks, feedings and touch pools allow visitors to delve beneath the surface of the waves and learn more about what’s living within.

With so much to see and do locals from Tacoma property find the best way to enjoy the grounds is with an annual membership. The perks are seemingly endless with complimentary admission, member only events and discounts on merchandise and additional tickets.

Hours to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium are seasonal. Grab a glance online before arrival. It’s easy to get a head start on the day by downloading a map of the grounds and making a plan of action. Walk and talk with the animals today.